Press & Recognition

American Bungalow Online Magazine, Spring 2005

Show Us What You've Done From Trashed to Treasured
A down-at-the-heels rental in Portland gets a major makeover.
by Sue Firpo
Featured in issue 45, spring 2005

An American Artisan Online Magazine, 2007

Featured in the online magazine
(AAO website is no longer operating)

Other publications we’ve been featured in:

Oregonian, Homes and Gardens. Oct 28 2004

“Quintessential – Five Portland Homes”
newspaper article

Oregonian, Oct 3 2006

“Housing Costs” newspaper article

Portland Community College – Communities, Fall 1995

“You Could Huff and Puff And Not Blow This House Down”
Straw Bale Engineering Lab Building - PCC Sylvannia Campus
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